Zipp 353 NSW Rear Wheel

SKU: 00.1918.613.000

* Undulating 45-mm deep rim shape provides speed on every terrain with best-in-class aerodynamic efficiency and crosswind stability* Hookless rims for a seamless, aerodynamic transition between tire and rim* Total System Efficiency, or TSE, approach to wheel design: overcoming specific barriers to speed: wind resistance, gravity, rolling resistance, and vibration losses* 25mm internal width is ideal for running wider tubeless tires at reduced air pressure for a more efficient ride. * Cognition V2 Hubset with an updated Axial Clutch V2 mechanism for quicker engagement and lower friction as well as improved durability.* Optimized tire bed for easy tire installation* Center locking rotor interface. Lockring is included with the wheels* 1255g* Lifetime warranty* SRAM Model ID: WH-353-NTLD-A1

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