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Supporter of WISE (Women's Initiative For Safer Environments) Ottawa

We've had the wonderful opportunity to partner with the Women’s Initiative for Safer Spaces (WISE) Ottawa. WISE is the wonderful organization responsible for the Women On Wheels events that help create safe spaces for women to develop and apply mechanical skills to their own bikes.

We want to thank WISE Ottawa for making this possible, we hope to continue to offer these workshops in the future.

If you want to find out more about WISE feel free to hit the link below!

Gold Sponsors of the Ontario Mountain Bike Association

Community is everything! We are proud to be sponsors of the Ontario Mountain Bike Association. OMBA was founded in the summer of 2005 with the intent of securing continued mountain biking access in the Ottawa/Outaouais region. Check out more about OMBA through the button below!

Supporting Our Staff

At Full Cycle, we love our staff and we've carved out a like minded crew of people who care about cycling and our customers. For this reason we are extremely proud to announce that we are Certified Living Wage Employer! This means that all staff are making at least the Ontario Living Wage of $19.60. If you want to learn more about living wages, hit the link below!

Mount Ste-Marie Supporter

As a bike shop deeply rooted in our community, we're thrilled to support the local trails at Mont Ste-Marie. Our passion for cycling
extends beyond the shop walls and into the breathtaking landscapes of our backyard. We're committed to fostering a thriving outdoor culture by maintaining and improving the trails that fuel our adventures. We're dedicated to ensuring that riders can experience the joy of exploring the rugged beauty of Mont Ste-Marie on two wheels.