In-House Suspension Service

Full Suspension Servicing

A clean bike with well-maintained suspension truly is a happy bike!

Similar to your bike's drivetrain, which needs routine maintenance if used regularly, your suspension also deserves (and requires) necessary TLC to keep it running smoothly.

Full Cycle offers a range of servicing options suitable for a range of riding needs, from preventative maintenance to full rebuilds, we do it all.

Keep reading to find out more about the suspension services we offer.

Please note that there is a $20 surcharge for suspension pieces brought in while still on the bicycle.

If you have any questions please reach out to our live chat! :)

Service In-Take Forms

Dropper Post Service Form
Suspension Fork Service Form
Shock Suspension Service Form

Fork Lowers Service

Regular maintenance on your suspension is essential for peak performance and durability on the trails. Manufacturers recommend a lowers service every 50 hours of ride time to keep your suspension running smoothly. Here's the run down.

We remove the lowers and clean out the old oil. We reassemble with fresh foam rings, dust wipers, new crush washers, and top it off with fresh oil to get your fork running smooth again

Assorted mountain bike shocks

Air Can Service

Shocks are equally important. Most shocks will follow the rule of servicing every 50-hours of ride time. Make sure to check the manufacturers recommendations. Here's the lowdown.

We remove the air can, clean out old oil, replace O-rings and bushings with new oiled/greased parts for a proper seal. We reinstall the air can with fresh oil in the positive and negative sides and reset the pressure to its original level.

Dropper Post Service

Dropper posts also need love! Most manufacturers recommend service after 50 hours of ride time. Specifications do vary, make sure to check the manufacturers recommendations. Here's how it goes.

We dissemble the post and give it a good cleaning. We then install fresh oil and seals, and put it all back together!

Full Suspension Rebuild 

In order to prolong the life of your suspension and its moving parts, it's recommended that you opt for this package after a year's worth of riding (or 200-hour for RockShox or 125-hour for FOX suspension). This service package meets the needs as outlined within the frameworks presented by FOX and RockShox for a complete rebuild of their suspension products

Service Includes Lowers & Air Can service as well as a thorough inspection for damage, full damper overhaul, and a full lubrication of all parts to keep everything moving as smoothly as possible.