Online Ordering Information

Orders For Shipping

Orders placed for pickup can be ready in as little as an hour if all the items purchased are listed as "In Stock" and are all currently at the right location. Sometimes an item will need to be transferred from another store, which will add a business day. Bicycles will often need to be built, which can add a few business days. We are required to build bikes for customers.

Any item purchased that is not listed as in stock, and instead "Special Order (1-3 days)" will generally be ready within that window, though this can be up to approximately 14 days depending on the supplier. This means the item is in stock at a distributor's warehouse whom we regularly deal with. If the distributor is in Ontario/Quebec the item will be 2 business days. If you have any questions about the estimated time for a special order, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

When the item is ready for pickup, we notify you via email. The email will indicate which items are ready and which are not ready. You can pick up your order all at once or one item at a time.

Items not picked up within 4 weeks after the order is ready will be cancelled and refunded. Items that cannot be returned (spokes, etc.) will be charged.

Orders for Shipping

In stock items typically ship next day via Canada Post. Most items will ship with a tracking number which will be emailed as soon as it is generated. Canada Post picks items up around 4PM Mon-Fri, so it could be up to 24 hours for a tracking number to show an item as being picked up. Items that are listed as "Special Order" will ship out from our store when the items arrive, typically 2-14 business days. 

Order Cancellation

Full Cycle reserves the right to, at our sole discretion, cancel and refund any order for any reason we require. This may be related to a high risk payment, incorrect inventory, or a price discrepancy. While we always aim to maintain accurate pricing sitewide, it is possible for some items to have incorrect pricing. In the case of particularly disparate pricing, we will cancel/refund the order.