Sprintech XL Bar End Mirror

SKU: SPR-2016

The  Sprintech® Racing XL picks up the characteristic design of the award-winning Sprintech® Racing, celebrated upon its début at the 1996 Innovation Competition in Martigny, Switzerland, 25 years later, adapting it to the needs of a wider range of users in the multifaceted world of sport, urban and touring cycling.

Like its predecessor, it is a seamless extension of the racing handlebar but it is now larger, meaning it needs to be less convex to provide an equally wide field of vision. Furthermore, the size of the objects behind it is closer to reality. Its 29 cm2 reflective surface is covered in tempered shatterproof glass.

The shell is made of shockproof plastic, limiting the weight to just 33 grams, and it can be attached to either the right or left side of the handlebar using the famous Sprintech® rubber caps. It is fully adjustable and not subject to vibration, even when riding over particularly rough terrain.

One mirror.

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