Reverse Components Colab Chain Tensioner

SKU: RVS-40221

Less complication = More riding time!

That was the aim with our SB One collab chain tensioner. Bikepark laps, freeride lines and gravity focused riders often don t need the complexity of a vulnerable rear derailleur setup. Our chain tensioner, in combnation with our singlespeed kit means you can keep it simple, quiet and hassle free all season long. No more waiting at the bike shop while your friends are back on the chairlift for another lap!
The chain tensioner screws into your rear derailleur hanger and the chain runs through the jockey wheels, providing a tight, smooth, secure setup.

Shorten the chain in a way that the rear suspension travel is completely available and cannot be blocked by the end stop of the chain tensioner!

If the chain tensioner still moves at a tightening torque of 16 Nm, it can be increased up to a maximum of 28 Nm.

Spare Parts:
Pulley set (part-no.: 90511)
Derailleur hanger screw (part-no.: 40269)

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