Maxima Plush Dynamic Heavy Suspension Fluid

SKU: 55-59904
Advanced specialty fluid formulated for high performance suspension systems. For all lower fork legs and other non-damper suspension components, including All Mountain, XC, Gravel, Downhill, Enduro and Freeride. Also approved for use in some dropper post seat designs. Surface active technology reduces static and dynamic friction
  • High performance lube for lower fork legs
  • Dynamic lube activates on loaded bushings and seals
  • Reduces static (stiction) and dynamic (running) friction
  • Proprietary additive system minimizes wear and keeps the system clean
  • Long-life fluid extends time between rebuilds
  • Viscosity @ 40 deg C (cSt) 115.0
  • Viscosity @ 100 deg C (cSt) 17.2
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