Leatt 3.5 Neck Brace Junior

By Leatt
SKU: 1022111840

EXCEPTIONAL PROTECTION AND VALUE The Leatt 3.5 Junior neck brace has the same features as the adult version just made specially for smaller riders, it is lightweight, has an adjustable rear thoracic and is super stylish, this makes the 3.5 a great buy. The brace is designed to allow the forces during an accident to be reduced and transferred through the brace into the strong muscles of the body rather than the small fragile bones in the neck. For very small riders, it is impossible to make a large platform neck brace and still fit it on a very small body. You should, therefore, go for the FUSION 2.0 vest with an integrated neck brace. Protect and let them ride with confidence. Next step up would be our 5.5 junior neck brace that offers the same safety but with a lot more adjustability for a custom fit.- Independently lab and rider tested, proven to reduce neck forces and neck injuries through transferring the load during an accident away from the fragile bones in the neck. - *Up to 89% reduction in critical cervical spine injuries - *Collarbone injuries up to 45% MORE likely WITHOUT a neck brace - Engineered collarbone cut-out to keep your helmet rim away from your most fragile bones - Polymer matrix platform allows for the most efficient reduction in neck forces - Optimal helmet rim striking platform is designed to redistribute neck forces and provides the helmet with freedom of movement - CoreFlex split rear folding thoracic strut is designed to work with the body's natural movements for a more comfortable fit and break away before applying excessive pressure to the back - Sculptured, split front for improved comfort and fit - CE tested and certified as Personal Protective Equipment 89/686/EEC - Weight: 497g (1.1lbs) - Plastic Free Recyclable Packaging - Sizing: 29.5" - 32.5"

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