Lazer Sport Vento Kineticore

SKU: BLC2227889971
Helmet Size

Engineered for speed and elevated performance. At 24% lighter, 2.3% more aerodynamic, and providing 5.4% better cooling and ventilation than its predecessor Lazer Bullet 2.0, the Vento KinetiCore packs superior comfort and performance-driven features for those seeking more than just marginal gains.


  • Adult Road Cycling Helmet: the Vento KinetiCore is a lightweight feature-packed bike helmet designed for superior performance
  • 5-Star Protection Technology: Built with top rated Lazer KinetiCore to reduce risk of injury from direct or rotational impact
  • Precise Fit: ScrollSys belt easily adjusts for a secure fit on the move
  • Go Faster: designed in sprint position at a 15 degree angle for increased aerodynamic performance
  • Keep Cool: advanced ventilation system keeps you from overheating when you’re working hard
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