Lazer Sport Coyote KinetiCore Helmet

SKU: BLC2237891750
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Sometimes you’re chasing a PR, other times you’re tracking a line beyond the horizon. The Coyote KinetiCore features 5-Star Protection Technology and wide-open ventilation to keep you cool and composed, no matter how rowdy the trail or how many miles to go. And with the ease the TurnSys adjustable stability system and a premium magnetic buckle, it’s ride-ready when you are.


  • Singletrack Focused: The Coyote KinetiCore balances lightweight, vented design with trail-focused coverage and performance features
  • 5-Star Protection: Awarded “Best Available” protection rating by Virginia Tech's independent helmet testing organization
  • Quick Magnetic Buckle: no need to take your gloves off - the strap is easy to release with one hand
  • Adjustable Visor: Designed to help block the sun and keep rain and low-hanging branches out of your face, without compromising field of view
  • Comfortable, Stable Fit: Advanced TurnSys adjustable fit system and a no-fiddle magnetic buckle ensure you’re ready to ride in seconds
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