FOX Low Friction Dust Wiper Kits

SKU: 803-00-944

If you want the best, go straight to the source. These are Fox's new Low Friction seal kits -- the same seals used on their premium line of "Factory Series" forks. Great hop-up for your older Fox fork, essential for your newer Fox Fork Inspect and clean and/or change every 125 hours of riding use or anually for maximum performance and fork longevity. Select the kit that matches the stanchion tube size of your Fox fork Note* - Seals do not work on older forks with "flanged" style lowers and proper seal driver tool is necessary for proper installation

Dust Wiper, Forx, 34mm, Low Friction, No Flange

Kit: Dust Wiper, Forx, 36mm, Low Friction, No Flange

Kit includes seals, foam rings, crush washers, and sag ring.

Fox Dust Wiper Kit is standard equipment on Fox Forks and gives them a smooth feel. Replacement Dust Wiper kit for Fox 40 forks. This Kit Includes: (2) Seals (2) Dust Wipers Crush Washers Sag Ring

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