Effetto Flowerpower Wax 500ml Chain Lube

Wax-based lubricants are an efficient and clean way to lubricate bicycle chains. With its sunflower seed wax content, Flowerpower Wax uses natural ingredients for record-breaking performance and reliability, all this avoiding fluorinated compounds, graphene and sulphides.


*Creates a solid layer of wax between the moving parts of the chain, reducing friction, noise and increasing the life of the chain
*Unlike lubricating oils, it does not dirty clothes and resists contamination by dirt and dust very well
*Thanks to the sunflower seed wax, it is very resistant to water and is ideal in any season, on and off-road
*High wax to water ratio (over 50%!)
*Rapidly biodegradable: it does not contain PTFE, sulphides, graphene or other chemicals harmful to the environment
*Evaluated by Zero Friction Cycling as the best drip lubricant ever tested
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