Effetto Allpine Extra chain degreaser 500ml Biodegradable

With its pine oil content, Allpine Extra is a powerful yet biodegradable degreaser: after rinsing with water, it will leave your chain perfectly clean. 
Ideal to prepare the chain for wax-based lubricants, which can adhere to clean metal, without the oily trace left by some common solvents. Great for cleaning brake discs.


*Rapidly biodegradable and extremely effective in eliminating greases and oils
*The addition of pine oil enhances the solvent action
*It contains surfactants of vegetable origin that allow rinsing (with water), eliminating any oily residue. It is also suitable for cleaning brake discs
*Harmless to chrome, painted parts and carbon: we still recommend an abundant rinse with water after use on the different surfaces
*It doesn’t require special disposal precautions (but maybe your lubricant does: if in doubt, refer to the legislation in force).
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