DT Swiss E 1900 Spline 29'' Wheel Front

SKU: DT-WE99351F2

Nowadays, bikers ride what used to be called downhill trails on enduros. The trails are getting rougher and the demands on the gear and rider are greater. The E 1900 SPLINE has been developed to deal with precisely these requirements. With its stiff aluminum rim, lightweight straight pull spokes and new Ratchet LN hub, this wheel is well-armed for any challenge. The balance of weight and stiffness will put a smile on your face, whether you're riding up or downhill. After all, you won't find lifts to many of the best trails. - QUALITY TUBELESS READY SLEEVE JOINTED RIM - 30MM INNER RIM WIDTH - NEW RATCHET LN HUB - DURABLE WATER SLIDE DECALS - TUBELESS TAPE AND TUBELESS VALVE 32MM,

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