49N Formfit Ergo - Memory Foam Saddle

By 49N
SKU: 254006-01

Cutting edge NASA-derived memory foam technology combines with a modern, ergonomic design for the ultimate in saddle fit and comfort! - Comfort Plus temperature-sensitive memory-foam upper inserts adapt perfectly to your body form whilst the sit bone-positioned low-density base inserts form an effective barrier between surface and rider, dissipating shocks and reducing peak pressure. - Ergo cut-out completely removes all material around the soft tissue area to help alleviate localized pressure and reduce pain and numbness for both male and female riders alike. - 143mm width is suited to slightly more aggressive riding positions a forward/front weight bias (Road/XC). - Construction: Nylon base w/ Hi-Ten steel rails & synthetic weatherproof upper - Dimensions: L 272 x W 142mm - Weight: 312g

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