45NRTH Wolvhammer BOA Cycling Boot

SKU: SH3849
Cleat Bolt Pattern

45NRTH Wlvhammer BOA(R) winter bike boots make year-round riding possible, with high-tech design and materials that stand up to snow and ice. Get yours here. Most winter boots aren't made for riding bikes -- they're too warm in some spots or not warm enough in others, and they're not optimized for pedaling. Wlvhammer BOA(R) boots are the answer for winter riders. Designed and built for the rigors of real winter riding (deep snow, slippery ice, cold pedals), These winter bike boots are rated for comfort from 0 to 25F (-18 to -4C), slotting between our Ragnark and Wlfgar boots. Take on winter rides with Wlvhammer. - Rated for 0 to 25 F / -18 to -4 C comfort - The BOA(R) Fit System delivers micro-adjustable, precision fit engineered to perform in the toughest conditions - Hook-and-loop upper strap helps secure boot - Removable synthetic liner boot for quick drying - Waterproof breathable membrane to manage moisture - 200 g of Primaloft(R) insulation - Aerogel insulation underfoot blocks the chill from snow, ice, and cold pedals, and allows for insoles without sacrificing warmth - Non-slip sole for walking on icy surfaces - Compatible with flat and clipless pedals

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