2024 Panorama Cycles Boreal Cues 2x11

SKU: 210000051217

The Boreal is an all-terrain touring bike designed to carry its rider in a comfortable upright position on trips and expeditions. The frame and fork are sturdy, and the components are reliable and low-maintenance. Capable of taking loads, the Boreal is the perfect partner for your most ambitious projects.

This bike share the same geometry and features as the Boreal-Pinion. Unlike the latter, which is equipped with an internal drivetrain, we build the Boreal with either a Shimano SLX 1×12 or a Shimano Cues 6000/8000 2×11 drivetrain. The 2×11 option offers a huge range of gear ratios, 669% versus 510% for the 1×12. Building the bike around the Rohloff Speedhub 14-speed hub is also available as an option.

For half-road/half-off-road touring, 29×2.0 (700×50 equivalent) tires will provide an optimum ride. For off-road use, 27.5″ tires of equivalent diameter, i.e. 27.5×2.6, are the appropriate choice. The two 32-spoke wheel options (for greater durability) are offered with the purchase of the complete bike. In both options, no lack of mud clearance while the frame and fork can accommodate 29×2.8 tires.

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