Enduro HyGlide Fork Seal Kit

SKU: FKH-7001

Enduro HyGlide seals utilize the material and design advantages of our two-part seals (Polyurethane wipers and Moly-Disulphide-infused oil seals) and combine them into a single wiper/oil seal. This unique design joins the oil seal and wiper into a single unit, creating a sealing system that eliminates one of the sealing lips and decreases seal friction or "stiction" by 25%. The cold-fused integrated seal design also features a large oil cavity between the two sealing lips to prevent contamination and further ease fork's movement.

HyGlide seal superior sealing action and can increase fork service intervals by as much as 2 or 3 times compared to OE recommendations.

-HyGlide improves over the classic version by utilizing a new 1 piece design for the seal (for ease of installation) and an improved wiper fit on the stanchion.

-Comes with seals, crush washers and/or foam rings appropriate for the designated fork models.

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