Carradice Bagman Universal Bar Rack

SKU: 132-11033-105

Introducing our new Bagman Universal Bar Rack for supporting bags and packs carried on the handlebars.

Our lightweight minimalist design protects your bike and cables from damage whilst supporting your bag away from the front wheel. The universal clamps can be reversed so that the support can be mounted on top of or underneath the handlebars catering for all sizes of bags. Weighing in at only 375g but with a weight limit of 6kg , the rack does not require any special fittings or straps and can fit 25.4mm and 31.8mm diameter handlebars, the two most common sizes.

Made in the UK.

When used with some Carradice bags with a support pocket like the Odyssey, the bags are held securely whilst being easily removed and mounted in seconds.

Maximum drop from mounting on top of handlebars is 16cm.

Maximum drop from mounting under the handlebars is 22cm.

Straight handlebars allow the full range of our saddlebags to be fitted to the handlebars. With drop handlebars only the narrower saddlebags can be used without fouling the brake levers with the pockets eg. Junior.

Included are solid stainless support, 2 x cast alloy clamps with bolts, neoprene spacer strips for narrower handlebars.

When fitting a saddlebag to the handlebars we recommend using Handlebar Spacers found in the Accessories section to allow for extra hand room.

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