When Chris Panasky from the bike tour adventures podcast reached out asking if we would be interested in sponsoring the event we jumped at the chance! I was lucky enough to be the person to attend the summit. The weekend left me astounded at how tremendous the bikepacking community is, the summit was full of wonderful people all sharing their love for bikepacking.

On Friday afternoon I set off on my bike leaving from center town with Wakefield as my destination. The ride there was a wonderful mixture of pavement, gravel, and chunky double track. I arrived at Centre Vorlage in Wakefield a few hours before sunset and set up my tent. I decided to turn in early and woke up to a gorgeous misty morning, pictured below. 

Shortly after waking up, the first group ride of the weekend began! It was a short 20k loop that followed trail #53 for the first section, then merging onto #51 and finally ending back on #53, what a great way to begin the day!

After the group rides finished, everyone went to the main area and check out the tents put up by sponsors, there was a plethora of great bikes, gear, & people to talk to!

Over the course of the weekend each presenter gave aw-inspiring talks about their experiences and how backpacking has been apart of their lives. There were a great deal of tips and tricks shared, everything you'd expect from a bunch of highly seasoned bike packers.

At the end of the weekend the presenters came together to for a Q&A session, pictured below.

Can't wait to do it all again next year!

From left to right; Carl Presseault - Instagram: fork_sauce, Louise Philipovitch - Instagram: louise_philipovitch, Salty Beard - Instagram: saltybeard_adventures, Elaine Trudeau - Instagram: memento_cycles, Dominick Menard - Instagram: dominickmenard
Owen Mason