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Full Cycle at Camp Fortune

Since we first opened our doors in 1994, our commitment to best serving our community has always remained core to our shop's operations. Now over 29-years later, the opening of our first trailside shop at Camp Fortune is an extension of that same commitment. Similar to many of you, we enjoy riding Camp Fortune's trails, but do not enjoy the toll it takes on our bikes—nothing dampens the enjoyment of a ride more than pesky mechanicals! To solve this issue, the shop will be offering minor trailside mechanical repairs in our workshop (located in Camp Fortune's main lodge). For more information about the workshop services, products, and additional services offered, make sure to keep reading! 

Where is the new shop located?

Our newest shop is located inside Camp Fortune's main lodge at 300 Chemin Dunlop (Chelsea QC). It's around a 25-minute drive or a 1.5-hour bike ride from Ottawa's downtown core. 

What workshop services are available?

The same walk-in workshop services that are offered at both of our Ottawa locations will be available from the new trailside shop location. The trailside shop's workshop is designed to remedy minor trailside mechanicals to get you back out as fast as possible. If your bike requires a more extensive overhaul and service, it will need to be booked in for service work at either of our Ottawa shop locations. 

The following are service items that you can expect to receive while at our Fortune trailside shop:

  • Change/ installation of the following: tire/ tube, chain, cassette, cable, derailleur, handlebar grips, tubeless tires, CushCore, and fenders;
  • Adjustment of a derailleur(s), brake(s), headset, hub, and wheel truing; 
  • Suspension set up;
  • and other minor servicing items. 

What products can I find at the shop?

Despite it being a trailside shop, you will still have access to a wide array of products similar to what is available at either of our Ottawa locations. While the availability of product(s) is subject to change, the following will provide a rough rundown of the main product categories and items that are available at the shop:

  • Hydration: water bottles, Camelbak hydration vests and packs;
  • Cleaning: degreaser, drivetrain cleaning sets/ tools;
  • Tools/ Maintenance: dry lube, wet lube, ceramic lube, forkboost lube, SRAM butter grease, shock pumps, digital pressure gauges, PPL-1 Polylube, HPG-1 High-Performance Grease, multi-tools, mini-pumps, tubeless plug/ repair kits,  tire levers, inner tube pre-glued patches, tubeless valves, sealant, cO2 cannister kits, and more;
  • Small parts and Accessories: bottle cages, bells, pedals, cleats, brake/shift cable, chains, brake rotors, cassettes, brake pads, bars, handle bar grips, tires, tubes, CushCore;
  • Apparel and Equipment: trail riding and full-face helmets, riding shoes (both SPD and flat options), trail riding jerseys, shirts, riding pants;
  • Other: sunscreen, bug spray, and afterbite.

What other services are offered at the shop?

  • Online order in-store pick-up: In addition to the workshop and boutique, you can also conveniently pick up an online order at the Camp Fortune trailside shop location. 
  • Trailside bicycle & equipment rentals: You will also be able to rent mountain bikes and equipment using the link near the top of the article.