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RockShox RS-1 29-inch w/ OneLoc Remote

RockShox RS-1 29-inch w/ OneLoc Remote
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RS-1 harnesses 25 years of creativity, refinement, and the courage to tackle the biggest engineering challenge of mountain bike suspension to date: the inverted chassis. The Dig Valve provides the optimal level of control for both low and high speed compression, carefully controlling the oil flow to provide the rider with the right amount of support and impact absorption. The RS-1's Rapid Recovery rebound circuit allows the fork to recover faster between consecutive bumps, letting the wheel track the ground with greater precision, aided by the Fast Black coating on the lower tubes that reduces stiction, friction, and related afflictions.

- Requires the use of a Predictive Steering Hub or Wheel (Not included) with Torque Tube. Will not work with "Boost" 15x110 hubs
- Tune air spring progressiveness with the use of Bottomless Tokens, which thread into the top caps
- Crown Race: 40mm
- Offset: 51mm
- Steerer Tube Length: 265mm
- Positive Spring: Air
- Negative Spring: Air
- Travel: 100mm
- Wheel Size: 29/27.5"
- Maximum Tire Width: 62mm


Travel 100mm / 120mm
Wheel Size 29-inch
Brake Compatibility Post mount 160
Steerer Diameter/Material 1-1/8 – 1.5-inch tapered / carbon
Stanchion Diameter/Materials 32mm / aluminum w/Fast Black
Dropouts Predictive Steering x 110mm
Spring SoloAir
Damper Charger 2 Damper
Lockout Handlebar - hydraulic
Adjustments Coil preload , low speed compression damping , rebound damping
Weight 1666g

* Subject to change without notice.