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Wheels Manufacturing BB30 ABEC-3 Bearings & Clip Kit
BB30 service kit includes 2 Enduro 6806 ABEC-3 sealed bearings and 2 retaining clips. - Bearing Dimensions: OD: 42mm / ID: 30mm / Width: 7mm - Direct replacement bearing for OEM BB30 and BB30A systems - Enduro ABEC-3 bearings
Wheels Manufacturing Ball Bearing - Qty 10
Grade 300 (Shimano Ultegra quality) ball bearings, sold in packs of 10. Please select size and quantity.
Wheels Manufacturing Max Bearing
$17.99 - $18.99
Best of the best replacement sealed cartridge bearings Commonly designed for suspension pivots due to their capacity to withstand 35-40% more load capacity than standard radial bearings
Wheels Manufacturing SB-6904, Sealed bearings, 20x37x9mm, Bag of 2
Bearing Dimensions: 20x37x9mm Bearing Grade: ABEC 3 Material: Steel
Enduro 6901-LLU Max Bearing Pair
ABEC 3 radial MAX bearing with 12 mm inner diameter, 24 mm outer diameter, 6 mm thickness and double-lip type sealing with strong contact, making a labyrinth seal. MAX bearings are designed specifically for suspension pivots, Enduro Bearings pioneered MAX type bearings almost 20 years ago for bicycles to address the challenges associated with mountain bike pivots. These bearings have 35-40% more load capacity than standard radial bearings. They accomplish this with a special design where the maximum number of balls are inserted into the bearing. The race grooves are deeper on these bearings for more lateral support for the twisting and multiple forces associated with mountain bike pivots. LLU seals give maximum protection against the elements, while keeping the 90% fill of Almagard Extra High Pressure Grease inside. ABEC 3 bearings use grade 10 Chromium Steel Balls and 52100 High Carbon Chromium Alloy Races. The high precision balls are within 10/1.000.000? round, twice as round as the industry standard, at it's highest level. The alloy races are made from a vacuum de-gassed process for the purest chromium alloy steel, hardened to R-62, extremely tough and very durable. Polished to a mirror finish for ABEC-3 precision and noiseless movement. The riveted Steel Retainer stands for toughness, ABEC-3 tolerances and noise tested.
Enduro ABEC5 MR 18307 LLB A5 Bearing
Giving military standard performance when it comes to strength and durability, this cycling-specific bearing utilises precision hardened Grade 5 Chromium Steel Balls, and 52100 High-Carbon Chromium-Alloy mirror polished races to offer a silent, higher tolerance than its ABEC 3 counterparts. Equipped with low contact rubber seals and Kyodo Yushi PS-2 grease this A5 model maintains a long-lasting and smooth performance.
Enduro ACB 3645 CC BO - 1-1/8
ACB 3645 CC BO 1-1/8" Angular Contact Black Oxide treated Headset bearing (30.2mm x 41mm x 6.5mm: 36x45 deg) - Angular-contact headset bearing featuring anti-corrosion Black Oxide/Magnetite coated 52100 High-Carbon Chromium alloy races paired with grade 10 Balls. Black Oxide coating provides an extra level of corrosion resistance and extended worry-free performance This size bearing is also known in the bike Industry by these part numbers: 27287-1046-004 HSS0130K TH-873E MR-122 The Enduro line of angular-contact headset bearings start with Black Oxide treated Chromium steel races, steps up to full 440C stainless steel, and the top of the lines, lifetime-guaranteed, XD-15 aerospace-stainless (races and balls). They are always engineered with the largest balls possible, feature dual-lip seals riding in a micro-groove (labyrinth) and are filled 90% with high pressure water proof grease for the ultimate protection against sweat and the elements. Enduro Angular Contact (A/C) bearings are designed so all balls are evenly engaged to spread the force over a larger surface area, decreasing friction, minimizing wear and maximizing life. Static load - 935lbf / 4.15kN Weight - 19.24g
Enduro Enduro ABEC-5 Zero for BB30
CO 6806 LLB - ABEC-5, Enduro Zero, Ceramic-Hybrid Black Oxide treated radial bearing - 30mm x 42mm x 7mm - Enduro Zero Ceramic-Hybrid Radial bottom bracket Bearing featuring Black-Oxide treated 52100 High-Carbon chromium alloy races paired with grade 5 Silicon-Nitride Ceramic balls with 90% fill, high-pressure, water-proof grease. Si3N4 ceramic balls reduce bearing wear and increase bearing life by eliminating steel on steel contact within the bearing. Black oxide/magnetite treatment to the races provides an extra level of corrosion resistance and extended worry-free performance. The most common use for this bearing is as a direct replacement bearing for BB30, PF30 and BB386 and most other bottom brackets with a 30mm OD spindle.
Enduro SMR 17287 LLB - Stainless Steel Radial Bearing
SMR 17287LB - Stainless Steel Radial Bearing (C3 clearance) - 17mm x 28mm x 7mm - This radial bearing features 440C stainless steel alloy races and Grade 10 balls with dual-seals and 90% fill with Mobil XHP 222 high pressure water proof grease to withstand daily abuse of use and the elements. A radial bearing generally used as a hub bearing and can be used as a pivot bearing, though the MAX-type version of this bearing is better suited for suspension use. Not all stainless steel is created equal. Enduro only uses 440C stainless steel balls and races to provide long life and superior corrosion resistance in applications and environments that may be less than ideal. 440C has the highest strength, hardness, and wear resistance of all the standard 440-series stainless alloys with high carbon content. As expected, it is also the most expensive of the 440 series alloys and requires multiple rounds of heat treatment and cryogenic treatment to achieve its superior mechanical properties. Though stainless steel has 20% less load capacity and is slightly softer than our standard 52100 chromium steel used in most of our bearings, stainless steel is an excellent alternative for use in wet conditions, if you wash your bike often, or where sweat can be a problem.
Enduro XD Ceramic cartridge bearing for BB30
ENDURO BEARING CXD 6806 VV - 30X42X7 XD-15 Ceramic Grade For BB30 Want to make your bike faster than any other? Had enough of servicing your ceramic bearings so that they will survive another rainy day race? Would you rather have a bottom bracket outlast your frameset? Then you have arrived at the solution. XD-15 ceramic bearings have it all - hands down the speediest, and longest lasting ceramic bearing available on the market. Nitrogen steel is the secret, precision machined and ground to ABEC-5 tolerances at our facility in Gilroy, California. Voted “Hands down the best bottom bracket we have ever tested” from Bike Radar, you can find out why. These bearings spin with the very least resistance of anything we have developed to date featuring oversized Grade 3 Silicon Nitride balls. On top of this, they will be spinning with the same ease one year or even two years from now, with longer intervals between servicing. No one else in the bicycle industry offers this combination of speed and durability: XD-15 bearings for wheels, bottom brackets, and drive train.
Elvedes MR170 Headset Bearing
High precision sealed Headset Bearing Type MR170 1,5" Ø40×Ø52×7 45°×45°
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