2023 Norco Sight A 27.5 27.5"

By Norco
SKU: 1240010700
Wheel Size

The Sight Youth 27.5 employs Norco's Ride Aligned design system to create a ride that doesn't just fit a 4'9" - 5'2" rider, but is deliberately tuned for them. So, instead of stalling their progress while they outride their kid's bike - waiting to grow into an adult one - they can step things up sooner, and capitalize on the rubber bones and questionable judgement youth provides them. RIDER BENEFITS: - RIDE ALIGNED: The Sight Youth 27.5 uses Norco's Ride Aligned design system which matches each individual bike to the human who rides it, creating a customized platform that is both stable and balanced, allowing the rider to push harder. Using individual rider metrics, precise suspension kinematics, and proprietary app technology, you'll align with your ride experience like never before. - YOUTH-TUNED SUSPENSION: We added a reduced offset RockShox Pike 150mm suspension fork and RockShox Deluxe R rear shock with a lighter damping tune because younger riders use lighter springs, which require less damping. - LIGHT ACTION DROPPER FOR JR RIDERS: To ride right, you gotta have a dropper - but if you're not over 90 pounds, normal droppers are too hard to compress. The Sight 27.5's 120mm TranzX dropper post is easy to compress for young riders, making saddle adjustment easy. - SDG JR. SADDLE AND PEDALS: Smaller riders fit these size-appropriate contact points. They're the same caliber as the grownup stuff, but won't fit Junior like they're built for giant. - SRAM SX EAGLE DRIVETRAIN: One-by drivetrains are pretty much the only way to go these days, and the SX Eagle offers top-drawer performance at a price range that won't break the bank.

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