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St. Laurent: The Tent and Summer Procedures

Everything About the Tent, Booking Service, and Service Pick-Up

With the spring rush in full force, we have recently devised a new mutli-faceted approach to our service and front shop departments. Our newly modified approach to service and browsing procedures have been done to ensure your visits are enjoyable and convenient. 

The Tent

Online order pick up procedure

  • If you have recently ordered online and have been notified your order is ready for pick up, you can pick it up at your convenience just outside the service door, at the tent.
    • please note, the tent is active through Spring/Summer/Fall.
  • For orders exceeding $500.00, government issued ID and credit card with the matching address used for the order must be shown prior to collecting your order

Small repairs

  • If your bike is in the need of a minor repair, that can include but not exclusive to, a tire change, flat/ inner tube change, derailleur adjustments etc., then one of our available mechanics can assist you as soon as they are available at the tent
  • In the event your bike requires more attention than can be assessed within a quick repair or modification, an appointment will be needed; if you need help determining what your bike needs, we will be able to help you determine what service would be most appropriate. Click here to book your appointment.

Booking Your Bike in for Service

How to book your bike in for service

  • Does your bike need some extra love? Make sure to book it in for the care it needs. We offer array of tune up packages, in addition to à la carte options for what ever your bike requires, which include: i) "The Basic", this is ideal for bikes that just need a quick check up before you hit the roadways; ii) "The Classic", this package is intended as a standard tune-up for annual maintenance; and iii) "The Major", this package provides a thorough drivetrain and frame cleaning. For more information, click here
    • Still unsure about what your bike requires? You can: i) speak with one of our customer support representatives through our website's LiveChat, this can be found here; ii) email us at; iii) speak to one of our shop personnel outside the tent, or; iv) call us at 613-741-2443 
      • please note, that due to the high volume of calls we are currently receiving, your fastest way of having your query answered currently, is through our website's LiveChat, email, or outside our storefront. 

Dropping off your bike

  • When dropping off your bike for its service appointment, please only drop it off up to 24-hours prior to your scheduled appointment; you can drop it off by proceeding through the service door entry way, when capacity allows. 
    • You will be contacted through your highlighted preferred means if additional service or maintenance is required.

Picking up your bike

  • When you come to pick up your bike, you can pick-up your bike either through the service door or from the tent
    • please note, that due to space restrictions over peak service periods, storage fees will apply to bikes that are completed and left in the shop for over a week