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Spring Spinning

With the re-emergence of warmer temps and melting snow means that spring has (basically) arrived, right. With these routes, you won't have to wait until April or even May to get out. The following road routes are ideal for any cyclist, whether you prefer riding on flats or like to challenge yourself with climbing, there's a little bit for everyone's individual preferences  and fitness levels. Early Spring riding can be challenging, especially finding routes with minimal winter debris and salt residue, which is why these curated routes are ideal for getting out early without having to thoroughly investigate the roadway conditions prior to heading out! Please note, the roads within the routes highlighted are in fair to good condition overall, however, this can be subject to change depending on debris left by road traffic and re-salting of roadways, if conditions require. 

35km East End to Downtown Loop

This route includes a scenic parkway route to the National Art Gallery. The roads are in good condition overall, and are dry (depending on the day).To note, the bike path parallel to the roadway is still covered in snow and some sections (specifically between the 24 Sussex roundabout to to the Aviation Museum)do not have designated bike lanes or wide shoulders. 

Click here for the route.

>40km Sarsfield Loop

With beautiful open fields and surrounding farmland, its a true hidden gem of the Ottawa region. The roads and overall in good condition, are overall dry (depending on the day). 

Click here for the route.

45km Chelsea to Wakefield Loop

This is a great route to work on one's endurance, especially in the early spring. With a mix of climbing and flat bits, this loop will keep you on your toes! 

Click here for the route.

100km West End Loop

This route is ideal for anyone itching to get back to riding metric centuries. The route is flat overall with a few punchy climbs throughout. 

Click here for the route.

Spring Spinning: Bike Maintenance

Early season riding is beautifully refreshing, however, please note that additional cleaning and maintenance are necessary to keep your bike and its components from accelerated wear-and-tear. Without adequate care, the salt residue from the roads can have negative effects on the life of your bike and its parts. Furthermore, the following are care and product recommendations to ensure continued smooth riding. 

Before the ride:

  • Prior to heading out, make sure your drivetrain is clean and is well lubricated (wet lube is ideal for this time of year);
  • and, most importantly, that your tires are inflated adequately to avoid pinch-flats (the range of how much PSI your tires should have in them is inscribed on the tire's sidewall). 

After the ride:

  • Once you get home, brush as much of the salt residue off as possible prior to cleaning;
  • the easiest way to clean the bike, especially in the early Spring, is by using warm water to clean it as soon as you get home.
  • Any additional residue and dirt can be easily cleaned off using some light bike cleaner.
  • Once the drivetrain is dry after cleaning it, re-lube with the lube of your choice to keep it running smoothly. 

Cleaning products and tools: