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Spring Spinning: City Commuting

Recent studies examining perceived stress through contrasting automobile versus bicycle commuting, have shown promising positive outcomes from participants who rode their bikes to work instead of driving. Having an active commute has not only been shown to reduce one's perceived stress and environmental threat, but it has been shown to have positive longitudinal effects relating to improvement in overall physical and mental health wellness (Avila-Palencia et al., 2017). In this week's edition of Spring Spinning, Full cycle staffers, Matti and Theo share why they prefer commuting, their commute must-haves, in addition to highlighting their preferred routes to ride to work. 


How did I first start commuting? Well, it was actually how I first started cycling! To this day, riding the freshly thawed spring-pathways around the city are still something I look forward to annually, and remains a personal favorite of mine. Gatineau has some of the nicest pathways around — riding through them always feels like an adventure! On my way home from Full Cycle, I take advantage of the extensive NCC path network surrounding Lac Leamy, in addition to the section down through the heart of Hull, along the Ruisseau de la Brassarie. On my way home tonight, I even saw a family of deer — such beautiful pathways right in town, you never know what you might find! Here are some photos from my commute; additionally, I have attached some of my favorite commute items at the bottom of the page! 

'Till next time!


Why do I commute to work? Well, it gives me some time to relax before starting a busy day, and likewise, helps me decompress while riding home after work. Generally preferring to take a longer commute, I tend to stick to riding along the city's pathways or the nicer dedicated bike lanes available. While my preferred route may be slightly longer than a more direct commute, it takes about the same amount of time because of the minimal traffic stops— this allows me smell the roses and enjoy the commute, as I'm not usually in a time-crunch to race to work. Below, I have included my preferred route to get between both shop locations; the majority of the route take you along the river pathway, allowing you to enjoy the ride and scenery instead of being stuck in the middle of busy downtown traffic. Additionally, I have attached some of my go-to commute items, as seen in the photo to the left!

Safe Riding!