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Getting to Know the Team: Robert 

Since 1994, we have been serving our community in Ottawa and across Canada. Our aims have remained consistent— to build meaningful and long-lasting relationships within our community while providing quick, honest, and reliable assistance. We want to properly introduce our online and local customers alike to our team who make our operations possible! This week, we will introduce you to the Store Manager of our 401 St-Laurent location, Robert. 

How Long have you been working at Full Cycle for and what is your current role at the shop?

"I've been working at the shop since the Spring of 2016, and I am the Store Manager of the 401 St-Laurent location."

What is your favorite part of working at the shop?

'"My favorite aspect of working at Full Cycle is helping new people get into the sport. It is exciting to see someone about to start their journey doing an activity I love."

How long have you been riding bikes for and what is your preferred riding discipline? 

'"I've been riding bikes in some capacity for 25 years. I ride road, gravel and mountain bikes but I get the most satisfaction out of a challenging gravel ride."

What is your most memorable ride?

"Lac Philippe to Lac Echo in the Papineau-Labelle Wildlife Reserve in Quebec. Our route took us on an entire day of loose gravel and we were loaded up with camping gear. We made it to our campsite just as the sun was setting."

Do you have any favorite or must have riding gear recommendations? 

"These days my most essential gear recommendation is the Garmin Varia radar/light system. Having a daytime flash is great for more visibility, but the real draw is in the radar. It connects to your GPS head unit and notifies you of any vehicles approaching from behind. Knowing when a car is passing you at all times without having to constantly shoulder check makes riding higher traffic roads way more enjoyable."

IF you could go back and give yourself advice as a novice rider, what would you tell yourself? 

"Keep the rubber side down!"