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Updated June 21, 2021

Planning your Visit

We are very excited for spring and summer, as always. While we are looking forward to interacting with all of our customers again, this year has in store some new challenges we have to face. With reduced in store capacity and reduced inventory, paired with a large influx of new customers, a visit to the store in summer 2021 will not be the same as normal. We are going to be forced to have a line-up outside, and depending on how many customers are in store this line-up could be a long wait. Once in the store, most bicycles are not built up for test-riding and we are low on most items. We are strongly encouraging everyone to please be patient, and understand we are legally obligated to control the number of customers in store, as well as proper mask-wearing and social distancing.

Visiting the Store

We are strongly encouraging planning ahead. By using our Livechat feature, purchasing online ahead, and booking service appointments we are able to keep the line-up short and customers moving in and out in a timely fashion. If you are comfortable doing so, placing a curbside pickup order will be much quicker as we can gather your items and have them ready for you in a timely manner.

Ordering Online

The best way to buy bikes and accessories this year will be through our online store. Bicycles purchased online are typically ready within 7 business days, as they need to get built up. Product purchased online is typically ready within 48 hours, usually sooner. Your order is ready for you to pick up very quickly.

1) Pick up your order at our St. Laurent location. We have an outdoor tented area for customer pickups to smooth out the process and reduce line-ups. Pickup is very fast and efficient here!

2) LiveChat and e-mail whenever possible. Our phone lines are significantly strained, so your quickest way of communication will be through our LiveChat feature on our website and by reaching out via email. Please understand if we're not able to answer your phone call.

Bicycle Shopping

While we wish we had more bikes to sell, the unfortunate reality this year is that demand is exceeding supply by a large margin. We are doing everything possible to accommodate bicycle purchasing through these times. Test rides have been challenging to offer. With fewer bikes built up, and fewer bikes in stock it is very challenging to have an in-stock, unpurchased bike ready for a test ride. Swinging a leg over a similar model in store will seldom be possible. We encourage everyone to start by using our Bicycle Finder tool. Most people can determine sizing remotely through height. The purchase can be then made online for pickup in store. More details on bike shopping are at this link (click me), and to use the bike finder please click the link below.

Bicycle Finder

Bicycle Servicing

We book appointments for bicycle service on our bicycle repair page. We are going to be experiencing significantly longer than average wait times for service. All appointments must be booked in advance as we don't have the storage to hold bikes until their appointment. Small jobs can be done quicker (a flat change, a chain installation, etc.) but all tune-ups and more major work will need to be booked in with an appointment.