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Full Cycle & Friends: Mike's Route Recommendation 

While Ottawa may feel small, its total boundary area in reality measures around 2,790 km²! So, whether you enjoy seeking roads less traveled outside of the city's downtown core or prefer to stick to the many accessible pathways available within the city, there seems to be an infinite amount of route combinations available. The following is a fun route our friend Mike created that loops down to Manotick from Full Cycle's 7 Hamilton N. location. Mike is an avid cyclist who can be often found riding tarmac and gravel throughout the region — enjoying the scenery, bovine, and wild animals that he often comes across.

"If you're like me and enjoy getting in some early season kilometers when the weather's nice - but for some reason you don't feel like climbing the hills in Gatineau Parkway - you can always head off to the airport and go south for some riding.

Don't worry though, there isn't any actual travel involved, so it's completely pandemic approved!

Starting from Full Cycle's Hintonburg location, this route heads south out of the city past the airport - a bonus for those that enjoy plane spotting, or the potential for large aircraft flying overhead - continuing beyond through golf courses and opulent mini-mansions to Manotick. Heading back up north from here, you'll ride through strawberry fields, and along the peaceful Jock River before hitting the Trans Canada Trail - taking you back into the city.

Hope to see you out there!"