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In-House Suspension Service

Full Suspension Servicing

A clean bike with well-maintained suspension truly is a happy bike! Similar to your bike's drivetrain, which needs routine maintenance if used regularly, your suspension also deserves (and requires) necessary TLC to keep it running smoothly. Full Cycle offers a range of servicing options suitable for a range of riding needs, from preventative maintenance to full rebuilds, we do it all. Keep reading to find out more about the suspension services we offer.

Intake Form 

We accept suspension and dropper servicing either by mail or local drop-off. Please complete the appropriate intake form to begin the process. Shipping is easy with our online team creating a shipping label. Rear shocks can be placed in any Canada Post mailbox for shipping, forks and droppers must be dropped off at any Canada Post retail location in Canada.

Lowers/ Air Can Service 

To ensure your suspension is running smoothly while you shred the trails, it should receive regular maintenance as outlined by the manufacturer's suspension servicing guidelines. This service is called a lowers or air can service, for forks and shocks respectively. Do you wonder what's involved when your suspension receives its lowers or air can service? Most manufacturers recommend performing a lowers or air can service for every 50-hours of ride time on the bike, the following is what we do to keep it running smoothly.

  • For forks, we remove the lowers and clean out the old oil. We will reassemble with fresh foam rings, dust wipers, new crush washers, and top it off with fresh oil to get your fork running smooth again;
  • For Shocks, we will remove the air can and clean out old oil. O-rings and bushings will be removed and replaced with brand new oiled/greased parts to ensure a proper air-tight seal in your shock. The air can will be reinstalled with fresh oil in the positive and negative side and reset to the pressure from when you brought the shock to us.

Full Suspension Rebuild 

In order to prolong the life of your suspension and its moving parts, it's recommended that you opt for this package after a year's worth of riding (or 200-hour for RockShox or 125-hour for FOX suspension). This service package meets the needs as outlined within the frameworks presented by FOX and RockShox for a complete rebuild of their suspension products

  • In addition to what is performed in the Lowers/ Air Can Service package, this service provides a thorough inspection of your fork or shock for potential damage prior to servicing. We then do a full damper overhaul. Please note, all parts are subject to wear and tear.  
  • New grease and oil are applied to keep everything moving smoothly. In the same way the seals are replaced during the Lower's/Air Can service to improve bump sensitivity early-on, the servicing of the dampers in this package improves damper performance and consistency through a full rebuild and bleed with fresh oil.

Fun Facts

  • Did you know that despite FOX's X2 Shock being an air shock, it does not have a 50 hour service interval? It’s only required service interval is at 125-hours for a full rebuild, just like coil shocks;
  • Bringing in your bike after 50-hours of riding prolongs the life of the suspension's optimal function;
  • By bringing in your bike to have its suspension serviced during those guidelines allows for the replacement of parts before they fail, which if so, can be quite costly and result in possible trailside injury;
  • The best time to have your suspension brought in for servicing (especially a Full Suspension Rebuild, Reverb, and or dropper service) is over the winter time as the wait times are lessened, and the acquisition of small parts is easier;
  • If you like to hit the trails a lot over the summer, it's best to bring your bike in 2-3 times for a 50-hour service to maintain optimal bump sensitivity and smoothness of the shock.

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