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Bikes n' Bags

Nothing is worse than the feeling of overstuffed jersey pockets on a long ride; luckily there are a variety of bike bags that fit endless needs that solve this (or at least mitigate it)! From mid-sized to full sized frame bags, saddle bags, bar bags, top tube bags and more, there are seemingly infinite options. After spending hours and hours in the saddle last summer, I quickly learned and adopted my gear accordingly to be as prepared as I could be while out on a ride. I have three favorite bike bags: a mid-sized frame bag, a saddle bag, and a bar-bag— here is a little bit about them and what they can fit.

Saddle Bag: Evoc "Saddle Bag Tour"

While appearing small, it surprisingly has a 1L capacity and is water resistant. The inside is spacious with a small integrated pocket for money and an attached mesh pocket within. It is large enough to fit: two road inner tubes, a pair of Pedro's tire levers, a multi-tool, a patch kit, a spare C02 canister and a spare quick-link. I have been using this bag for almost two years and it continues to hold up well, it is truly an item built to last! Click here for more information about the bag and the various colors it comes in. 

Bar Bag: Road Runner "Burrito Handlebar Bag"

While small, it packs a punch. It is the perfect size for additional snacks and gear! When I rode to Cornwall last fall, I was able to pack: the other interchangeable lens for my riding frames, a small portable battery pack (to charge phone and/ or lights), nutrition, a small travel size bottle of sunscreen, and my ID's. While it is the perfect size for long rides, it is also perfect for Gatineau parc loops, and everything in between, its my preferred way of storing my other interchangeable riding lens. It is water resistant which is perfect if riding through light mist. To find out more about the burrito bag, click here

Frame Bag: Topeak "Midloader 3L"

The Midloader' is the perfect bag for bike packing, or for lighter use carrying additional and layers, especially for late fall and early spring riding.  Water resistant and rated for a max load of 14lbs, it is the perfect add on for any bike, especially one that doesn't have eyelets for a rack/ cargo. It has two solid zippers on either side making for easy access. On a 53cm frame, it takes up about half of the space within the frame; to make grabbing your water easier, a sideloading bottle cage is ideal for a bag design like this. For more information about Topeak's "Midloader 3L", click here.

Everything Pictured Above:

My bike:

My saddle bag and everything in it:

My burrito bar bag and everything in it:

My frame bag: