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Covid-19: FAQ

I'd like to have a bike shipped to my home, do I have to assemble it?

All bikes are shipped in Ottawa fully built and assembled, and require no further tuning or adjusting prior to enjoyment. We are not shipping bicycles out of town at this time.

How do I know what's actually in stock on your website?

On the left side of the screen, click "In stock" to filter by what is currently in the store.

Can I book an appointment for service?

Absolutely. Click the "Book Service Now" button in the top left corner. If there are appointments available you will be able to book.

I'd like to talk about a new bike purchase...

Please! But over the phone or email or LiveChat. Our in-store operations are for bicycle repair and in-store/curbside pickup.

I made a purchase online. When can I expect home delivery?

We are aiming for 2-3 business days for in-stock items. We will be in contact.

I'd like to buy a bike but am unsure of sizing...

Try chatting with us on LiveChat or click here for our sizing form. For a lot of hybrids, we can figure out most people's sizing with this information. If it is not a sure thing we will always say so and recommend waiting until you can test ride a few bikes.

Are you still open?

Yes, but for bicycle service and pickup of online purchases only. We are on a restricted system as per the Government of Ontario's efforts to reduce the spread of Covid-19. The less interaction we all have, the better. Bicycle repair was deemed essential, but unfortunately not the purchase of new mountain bikes and accessories and such.... we are allowed to deliver and accept orders online, so this part of the business can continue but will be all contactless and online.