Covid-19: Bicycle Shopping

In-Store bicycle shopping will not be easy throughout the closure. We can have 1 customer in the store at a time and are unable to offer test rides, so the in-store bike purchasing experience will not quite be what it normally is.

We are more than happy to discuss over the phone, text, chat, FaceTime (, any way you can get a hold of us. We can process orders online and deliver in city for free. If you'd prefer to pickup we can do a pre-arranged curbside pickup. Please understand we are uanble to offer test rides, fittings, or any other service revolving around in person purchasing of a bicycle and accessories.

Our brick-and-mortar locations are strictly for bicycle repair and pickup of goods. If a specific item is requested, we can process the transaction but customers will not be allowed very far into the store. The goal is to limit social contact so please respect this. These are not normal times and this is certainly not going to be business as usual, but we will do what we can within the province's guidelines to make sure people can get to and from where they need to.