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Why buy a bike at Full Cycle?

  • Lifetime Service Warranty- valid for as long as you own the bike, with unlimited visits!
  • Full repair facility- Book an appointment and receive your bike in as little as an hour after dropoff
  • Staffed by knowledgeable and experienced cyclists


I would like to ride trails such as Camp Fortune, Larose, Kanata Lakes and Gatineau Park. Primarily use is offroad and I would like suspension.


I want to ride around town to do errands, ride with my children, and/or get some exercise.


I want to go for longer rides. I want drop handlebars to give me lots of hand positions and keep me comfortable while in the same position for a long time.


10"-24" wheel size options


Electric assist helps get up hills, go further distances, and have more fun!


Enjoy the winter by riding along the SJAM trail, Gatineau Park and Kanata Lakes. Larose Forest is fun year-round on a fatbike!